The War of Darkness

The War of Darkness


There will come a time when the sacrifice of one will alter the tide…

Having left her Haven in search of the Augur, Kess discovers that Rome is but the first step in her journey. Desperate to rid herself of the cryptic writing covering her, Kess must now find a way to enter Heaven, to seek the aid of a Scribe.

Yet when Kess discovers the meaning behind the cryptic writing, the truth is far more dangerous than she feared.

As a demonic army gathers, Kess must decide whether she believes the cryptic writing covering her body holds the key to saving her warrior companions.

But has she understood the Scribe’s cryptic prophetic message, or is she being influenced by the rising darkness?

Title : The War of Darkness
Edition Language : English
ISBN : 9781528914444
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    The War of Darkness Reviews

  • Sheryl Einam

    Loved these first two books, now waiting with anticipation for the third book....

  • Louise Gilbert

    Loved it! Can't wait for the next installment!...

  • Donna Talty-Frost

    I don’t know if I can wait for the final book. Loved the 1st two books cannot wait for the third. ...

  • Joanne

    awesome books, cant wait for he 3rd book to read...