Reality, Spirituality and Modern Man

Reality, Spirituality and Modern Man

This is the seventh book in a progressive series based on the revelations of consciousness research. It describes in detail how to discern not only truth from falsehood but also the illusion of appearance from the actual core of reality. The text explains how to differentiate perception from essence, and thereby enables the reader to resolve the ambiguities and classical riddles that have challenged mankind for centuries and baffled the best minds in history. While modern technologies have provided a plethora of new toys and conveniences, the basic problems of daily existence remain. This book provides the tools to survive and regain fundamental autonomy and inner harmony while living with the complexities of the modern world.

Title : Reality, Spirituality and Modern Man
Edition Language : English
ISBN : 9781933391885
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    Reality, Spirituality and Modern Man Reviews

  • J

    After reading Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, Truth vs. Falsehood, and Power vs. Force all by the same author, this book didn't add anything significantly new. Hawkins repeats himself at lev...

  • Kelly

    Didn't realize this book too was part of the series, and I continue to read these out of order. Nonetheless, after reading books 1-3, this one (#7) was more about Hawkin's theories as applied to socie...

  • Ed Schulte

    Absolutely a remarkable flow of consciousness and Truth. ...

  • Joseph Knecht

    The writings of Hawkings always speak to the Self rather than the self. In this book, he doesn't give new information or reality, but rather he explores it from a more societal, religious and cultural...

  • Mariana

    El dr David Hawkins describió muy bien su visión del éxito. Es un concepto totalmente distinto al que se manejaría en el área de negocios. Diferencia los conceptos de fuerza y poder. Ilustra toda...

  • Javier Villar

    The picture of reference on social issues for me....