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interlucent is isaura ren's first chapbook of poetry. it features 20 original poems (16 of which are never-before-seen) that bridge the distances between us all. these pieces examine divisions both big & small: light & dark, warmth & cold, land & sea, sky & earth, knowledge & ignorance, spring & winter, life & death, and many more. ren takes a chisel to these topics, splitting them open to reveal glimmering wisdom hidden within. witness the debut readers testify "will bring you back into the light."

Title : interlucent
Edition Language : English
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    interlucent Reviews

  • Monica Robinson

    "curious,/isn't it?/ — such a serene song."Merriam-Webster as cited at the beginning of this collection defines interlucent(adj.) as: *shining or glowing between or in the midst of other things*. Mo...

  • Sarah Cavar

    From my blurb: “I emerged from Interlucent to a sun-backlit bedroom, a space of intimacy that pairs perfectly with Ren’s collection. Interlucent witnesses, and, in doing so, reframes: flame turns ...

  • Adria Trees

    I was really excited to read Isaura Ren’s debut chapbook and was captivated by their words. I know that I will be coming back to this collection to reread these poems. I appreciated the content warn...

  • Melissa Boles

    I absolutely devoured this. Powerful, exceptional, gorgeous....

  • Olga

    I wish I could write a more eloquent, coherent review, but all I can think is that I didn't know it was possible to inhabit both the extremes 'no thoughts, head empty' and 'many thoughts, head full' s...

  • Kimberly Ray

    The presence of Isaura Ren, and all of her beautiful charm, is captured here in her debut release. Her opening poem blew me away and set the tone for the rest of the collection- she really is that goo...

  • Isaura Ren