The Princess Trials

The Princess Trials

Thirty young women. A handsome prince. A battle to the death

Water is scarce. Deserts have taken over the land. Nuclear war has devastated humanity. Humans live in walled super cities to keep out the irradiated. The land that was formerly known as America is divided into kingdoms ruled by royal elites.

Born into the lowest Echelon of the Kingdom of Phangloria, sixteen-year-old Zea Calico faces a life of hunger, thirst, and toil. The only way out of this drudgery is revolution, and Zea is desperate to help the cause.

When the palace calls for candidates to compete to marry Prince Kevon, Zea joins the Princess Trials to search the palace for weaknesses.

The trials should be a fairytale of sumptuous meals, ballgowns, and romance, but one misplaced word causes Zea to attract the Prince's attention. When Zea uncovers the man beneath Prince Kevon's public facade, she is at risk of falling in love and losing sight of her mission.

But the televised beauty pageant turns deadly, and Zea must fight for survival.

Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and The Selection, this exciting tale of courage, intrigue, and betrayal will have you turning pages.

Title : The Princess Trials
Edition Language : English
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    The Princess Trials Reviews

  • ? Kat Nova ?

    Seems like a total selection rip-off but ok...Even the prince names tho! Kevon? Maxon? I-...

  • Rebekah

    Okay the description for this book is on point. Seriously a Hunger Games/The Selection book. At first I kinda struggled with it because it was almost exactly that. The Hunger Games & the Selection. Bu...

  • T.L. Branson

    The Princess Trials by Cordelia Castel was pitched to me as “The Selection meets The Hunger Games”I got to say, I was skeptical. Because those blurbs are rarely true.But let me tell you…The Prin...

  • Kim

    Wow this book. Totally exceeded my expectations!!It starts off slow and feeling like literally every Princess tournament book I’ve read this year. It’s so not! The girls are insane and the activit...

  • Kayla

    The Breakdown:Cover Art:10/10Initial Grab: 10/10Setting: 10/10Characters: 10/10Content: 10/10Readability Factor: 10/10Overall: 10/10Likely to Recommend: 10/10Hey Fellow Book Friends,I got a copy of th...

  • Alaina

    Holy crap..Okay, so The Princess Trials was a big book. Wasn't expecting it to be over 500 pages.. but I also wasn't mad about it either. Confused about a ton of things? Yes, that is actually true.I w...

  • Dani

    This book is Selection meets Hunger Games meets Red Queen. Sounds amazing, right? Sadly it isn’t. It touches upon parts of all three books without ever truly gaining a voice of its own. So much is h...

  • Maddy

    This was everything I was hoping it would be. The book is a mash up of The Hunger Games, Divergent and The Selection. The heroine, Zea, is extremely likable - no 'special, very beautiful, chosen one' ...

  • Mel

    Even while the reading the blurb, I was shocked by the similarities to The Selection by Kiera Cass. And as I read the book, the similarities were startling.I found the world building and backstory to ...

  • Parvati Patil

    I hope it's good....