Tasty Adulting: All Your Faves, All Grown Up

Tasty Adulting: All Your Faves, All Grown Up

This book is made specifically for the young (and young at heart) cooks who are just getting their footing as grown-ups. First, this book walks you through the foundations of cooking and builds up your kitchen confidence and know-how. Then, 75 fun, quick, and totally doable recipes meet you exactly where you are, allowing you to make mistakes, encouraging you to try new techniques, and gearing you up to reign supreme at the dinner table. With chapters like Souper Heroes, Put Some Meat On Your Bones, and A Sweet Finish, as well as a whole section for having people over, this book helps you move toward that golden “I have my life together” feeling. And just like that, you’re Adulting.

Title : Tasty Adulting: All Your Faves, All Grown Up
Edition Language : English
ISBN : 9781984825605
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    Tasty Adulting: All Your Faves, All Grown Up Reviews

  • Kelly

    It was good not great. I am a firm believer that every recipe should have at least one picture to accompany it. Several recipes did not follow this rule. The book had great tips for how to build your ...

  • Robbi Caldwell

    I know that, as a 37 year old, I am likely not the target audience for this 😂 but I do think it’s a nice cookbook with lots of basics but some new stuff thrown in, too. I am very much looking for...

  • Amy

    I love watching the Tasty recipe videos online! I’m so excited that there’s a book with so many delicious recipes, and I can’t wait to try my hand at them! Perfect for beginner cooks! ...

  • Jennifer

    3.5 stars rounded upThis would be a great book for someone just starting out on their own and they know nothing about cooking. If you’re experienced at all you can skip this one. ...

  • Shannon

    This is good book to send off with a new college student. Simple, basic, and reasonably foolproof....