An Outsider's Guide to Humans: What Science Taught Me about What We Do and Who We Are

An Outsider's Guide to Humans: What Science Taught Me about What We Do and Who We Are

An instruction manual for life, love, and relationships by a brilliant young scientist whose Asperger's syndrome allows her--and us--to see ourselves in a different way...and to be better at being human

Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of eight, Camilla Pang struggled to understand the world around her. Desperate for a solution, she asked her mother if there was an instruction manual for humans that she could consult. With no blueprint to life, Pang began to create her own, using the language she understands best: science.

That lifelong project eventually resulted in An Outsider's Guide to Humans, an original and incisive exploration of human nature and the strangeness of social norms, written from the outside looking in--which is helpful to even the most neurotypical thinker. Camilla Pang uses a set of scientific principles to examine life's everyday interactions:
How machine learning can help us sift through data and make more rational decisions
How proteins form strong bonds, and what they teach us about embracing individual differences to form diverse groups
Why understanding thermodynamics is the key to seeking balance over seeking perfection
How prisms refracting light can keep us from getting overwhelmed by our fears and anxieties, breaking them into manageable and separate "wavelengths"

Pang's unique perspective of the world tells us so much about ourselves--who we are and why we do the things we do--and is a fascinating guide to living a happier and more connected life.

Title : An Outsider's Guide to Humans: What Science Taught Me about What We Do and Who We Are
Edition Language : English
ISBN : 9781984881632
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    As per this interview:

  • Dan Connors

    Camilla Pang was diagnosed with autism at age 8, and later diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, (ADHD) and generalized anxiety disorder, (GAD). With those strikes against her, thi...

  • Elle

    An Outsider's Guide to Humans by Dr. Camilla "Millie" Pang is a look at human interactions and relationships through the eyes of a brilliant scientist who has Asperger's Syndrome. As the parent of thr...

  • Joe J

    Camilla Pang was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at a young age and always felt like an outsider and eventually, she became a scientist. I think that would also be a good book to see how she r...

  • Cate Triola

    Full review available here.I enjoyed the personal stories the author shared, but the further I got into each chapter, the less I understood. I think this is great for readers with a science background...

  • Brooke Antonio

    I’m sure this book would resonate with someone who has more of a science background or interests of that nature but it just wasn’t for me. some of the chapters made sense but some seemed like a st...

  • Melanie

    This book has some good insights into the way the mind of a person on the autism spectrum works....

  • John

    A bit of a stretch at times in terms of the correlations that the author makes, but still, interesting reading....

  • Luciano Elementi

    Interesting take, not all the physics examples fit into the paradigm of human but it really uncover a lot of the behavioral idiosyncrasy we all display. I enjoyed her writing ...

  • Alex Kogay

    This was an interesting mix of deep dive neuro science and quirky behaviours. Definitely has a few handy tips of organizing your thoughts / life and seeing things from a different perspective....