The Thief of Lanwyn Manor

The Thief of Lanwyn Manor

In Regency England an advantageous match could set up a lady for life. Julia knows Matthew Blake, copper mine owner and very eligible bachelor, is the gentleman she should set her eyes upon. But why can’t she steal her gaze away from his younger brother, Isaac?

Cornwall, England, 1818

Julia Twethewey needs a diversion to mend her broken heart, so when her cousin invites her to Lanwyn Manor, Julia eagerly accepts. The manor is located at the heart of Cornwall’s mining industry, and as a guest Julia is swept into its intricate world. It’s not long, though, before she realizes something dark lurks within the home’s ancient halls.

As a respected mine owner’s younger son, Isaac Blake is determined to keep his late father’s legacy alive through the family business, despite his brother’s careless attitude. In order to save their livelihood—and that of the people around them—the brothers approach the master of Lanwyn Manor with plans to bolster the floundering local industry. Isaac can’t deny his attraction to the man’s charming niece, but his brother has made clear his intentions to court the lovely visitor. And Isaac knows his place.

When tragedy strikes, mysteries arise, and valuables go missing, Julia and Isaac find they are pulled together in a swirl of strange circumstances, but despite their best efforts to bow to social expectations, their hearts aren’t so keen to surrender.

Sweet Regency Romance
Full-length novel, approximately 90,000 words
Second in the Cornwall series, but can be read alone

Perfect for fans of Poldark, Sarah Ladd’s latest Regency romance, The Thief of Lanwyn Manor, explores Cornwall, England, and the secrets within one of its historic manor houses.

Title : The Thief of Lanwyn Manor
Edition Language : English
ISBN : 9780785223184
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    Julia Twethewey finds herself in a dangerous armed robbery where handsome mining captain Isaac Blake saves her from being shot. Strange things start to happen at Lanwyn Manor where she visits. Valuabl...

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    Sarah Ladd has penned another delightful Regency that is so much more than a romance. The tensions in the mining community and the mystery concerning the thief create intrigue and interest beyond the ...

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    It is very rare that I find a sequel that is better than the first book but this book blew me away. I could hardly set this book down. Though, The Governess of Penwythe Hall was a fabulous book, I fel...

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    Set in Cornwall, England in the midst of mining country, Isaac Blake runs a mine that has been inherited from his diseased father and is owned by his twin, Matthew, who is 3 minutes older. Matthew has...

  • Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls)

    Pre Teens- One StarNew Teens- One StarEarly High School Teens- Two Stars Older High School Teens- Two Stars (and a half)My personal Rating- Two StarsThe mystery of a thief is what pulled me into this ...

  • Malia Salda�a

    What a fun,regency novel! I really enjoyed the second book to Sarah Ladd’s newest series. I liked how it was mystery, regency, and romance. Isaac was so sweet. I thought Julia was a great heroine. I...

  • sarah xoxo

    “Ghosts and gossips, secret letters and hidden motives- all seemed to be as much a part of Lanwyn Manor as the tapestries hanging on the paneled walls.”For fans of Jane Austen and Agatha Christie,...

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    Julia Twetheway is one of the children from book one, now grown. She has lived most of her life at Penwythe Hall with her uncle in Cornwall, England. To be with her cousin Jane as she nears the birth ...

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    Another great read. Really enjoyed the complexity of the plot and challenges for the main characters. A sweet romance that kept pulling me back to the story even when life was busy and tried to interf...