Those Who Prey

Those Who Prey

Sadie meets The Girls in this riveting debut psychological thriller about a lonely college freshman seduced into joining a cult—and her desperate attempt to escape before it's too late.

College life isn’t what Emily expected.

She expected to spend freshman year strolling through the ivy-covered campus with new friends, finally feeling like she belonged. Instead, she walks the campus alone, still not having found her place or her people so far away from home.

But then the Kingdom finds her.

The Kingdom, an exclusive on-campus group, offers everything Emily expected of college and more: acceptance, friends, a potential boyfriend, and a chance to spend the summer in Italy on a mission trip. But the trip is not what she thought it would be. Emily and the others are stripped of their passports and money. They’re cut off from their families back home. The Kingdom’s practices become increasingly manipulative and dangerous.

And someone ends up dead.

At times unsettling and always riveting, Those Who Prey looks at the allure of cult life, while questioning just how far we’re willing to go to find where we belong.

Title : Those Who Prey
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    Those Who Prey Reviews

  • Chelsea Humphrey

    "Truth, like light, blinds. Falsehood, on the contrary, is a beautiful twilight that enhances every object." -Albert CamusThe second I stumbled across the synopsis of this book I knew that I had to re...

  • L

    The cover is enough to seduce me into reading this book...

  • Dahlia

    The only reason this took me so long is because I read a PDF and that was just really hard for me, but I think in hardcopy I would’ve devoured this as quickly as humanly possible. It’s bananas and...

  • Eva Gibson

    This is a book for someone looking for a story beyond the usual fare--something more than a safe, contemporary romance, or emotional coming-of-age. Something different than the latest other world fant...

  • Katie.dorny

    Don’t get caught up on the Sadie comparisons. They are a LIE. I was CHEATED. Our main girl Emily is a lonely during her first year at university until she stumbles into a cute boy and his friends on...

  • Rachel

    How far would you go to avoid being alone?In the case of our protagonist Emily, pretty dang far..Emily is a somewhat naive student feeling isolated from other people on campus, with unresolved feeling...

  • Erin A. Craig

    THOSE WHO PREY is a chilling debut that takes an uncomfortably thorough look at just how easily one could fall victim to a fanatical group. Moffett's thoughtful prose made me ache for Emily and her f...

  • Jennifer Moffett

    I can't wait for readers to follow Emily's journey into the secretive depths of a cult and her life-and-death struggle to find a way out. I'm so excited to share this book!...

  • jut

    a cult? err...fuck, i'm out....

  • anna grace

    pretty cover pretty cover...