Before Evil

Before Evil

International bestseller Alex Kava delivers a stunning prequel to her critically acclaimed Maggie O’Dell series.
From her small Quantico office, Special Agent Maggie O'Dell has profiled serial killers using Poloraids, faxed copies and scraps of evidence provided by homicide detectives from across the country. She's gained a reputation for successfully profiling killers and solving crimes without ever stepping foot at a real crime scene.

Then comes Albert Stucky, and nothing will ever be the same.

Stucky is a sadistic madman who enjoys his twisted games as much as he enjoys the kill. Pieces of victims start showing up in takeout containers, strategically left for unsuspecting bystanders to find. Sometimes the body is dumped near by. Others are never found.

Maggie is tasked with profiling the murders. Despite all her skills and talents nothing has prepared for this. For the first time in her career she’s seeing the gruesome crime scenes firsthand, because this madman has chosen the backwoods of Virginia as his killing grounds.

When Stucky discovers an attractive female FBI agent is part of the task force to stop him, he begins to taunt Maggie. He leaves notes and bits and pieces as if they were clues for a morbid scavenger hunt. Each step of the way he’s daring Maggie to catch him if she can, all the while planning to make her his next prey.

Let the chase begin.

Title : Before Evil
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    Before Evil Reviews

  • Mandy White (mandylovestoread)

    I loved reading about Maggie O'Dells first FBI case in the field...she is a very strong and determined woman. great book...

  • Kat Dietrich

    Before Evil by Alex Kava is the prequel to the FBI Agent Maggie O’Dell Series.My Synopsis: This is the story of Maggie O’Dell and how she became the famous FBI Agent Maggie O’Dell. This is her b...

  • Nurse Lisa In Ohio (PRN Book Reviews)


  • Janine

    A great introduction to Maggie for those that haven't read the series. I have read all the books and still enjoyed Maggie's back story. A few annoying typos....

  • Donna

    4.5 stars. A double wide trailer appears to be a slaughterhouse because of so much blood. FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell works the case as her first crime scene in the field. As the killer watches from a ...

  • Alma Marta

    Found this a really easy read and I wanted to go back to the beginning of when Maggie O’Dell came on the scene as I have just read the first two of Kava’s Ryder Creed novels and O’Dell was featu...

  • Rick Molitor

    Alex Kava comes through again. The story is good. Maggie O'Dell is an interesting character. She is a tough female as well as a smart independent character. As always, a really good read....

  • Cynthia

    I thought I would find this book boring because I have read all of Ms. Kava's Maggie O'Dell books. Rather, I found this a most interesting story.We learn a bit more about Maggie and why she does not l...

  • Teresa

    Read this book so I was current on series, wasnt really interested in the back story of Maggie. I know her well enough from the books in the series. Maybe if this came out earlier in my reading of the...

  • Carol

    I have to remind myself that this is a prequel. But I'm still disappointed. It is a good story and it does its job by giving us background on Maggie O'Dell and the villain we love to hate, Albert Stuc...