Alien Hunters: A Space Opera Trilogy

Alien Hunters: A Space Opera Trilogy

Bloodthirsty aliens are storming toward Earth. Can the Alien Hunters, a group of underdog heroes, stop them?
3 books + nearly 1000 pages of alien invasion and space adventure readers are calling "thrilling," "quirky," and "as action-packed as Star Wars." From a USA Today bestselling author.

BOOK 1: Alien Hunters -- The skelkrins. Predators from deep space. Creatures of claws, fangs, and malice. Riff and his crew are the Alien Hunters, ragtag mercenaries who travel the galaxy, trapping and removing cosmic critters. They're just galactic pest controllers, not an army. When the skelkrins attack, will the Alien Hunters be the ones hunting aliens . . . or will aliens hunt them?

BOOK 2: Alien Sky -- The Singularity. The day the machines gained awareness. The day they turned cruel. The robotic fleet swarms across the galaxy, slaying all in its path. The Alien Hunters--outgunned, outsmarted, outclassed--fly up to meet these killer robots. The battle between life and machine begins.

BOOK 3: Alien Shadows -- On a dead planet orbiting a black hole, shadows stir. Some call them ghosts, others merely figments of the imagination. As these astral beings spread across the cosmos, the Alien Hunters stare into the darkness of deepest space . . . and find terror.

Here's what people are saying about Alien Hunters:

"A fun, fast-paced space adventureAlien Hunters introduces a fresh new universe as action-packed as Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica and as quirky as Futurama." -- Jeff Bryan, author of Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper

"Arenson has brought fun back to space operaAlien Hunters grab you from the first page and don't let go until the very end. If you love Firefly or Guardians of the Galaxy, you'll dig this." -- Colin F. Barnes, author of Hollow Space

"A rollicking good ride! One part Star Wars, a large dollop of Hitchhiker, a pinch of Fifth Element, just a taste of Star Trek, all mixed well with a brilliant imagination and you have one whale of a good space adventure!" -- Linda, an Amazon reviewer

Title : Alien Hunters: A Space Opera Trilogy
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    Alien Hunters: A Space Opera Trilogy Reviews

  • Matthew Bandy

    I couldn't finish this book. The writing is ghastly. The plot and characters are unbelievably trite. I always finish books but I just couldn't with this one....

  • Sean Bai

    This book starts off from the perspective of an alien woman who is told a prophecy. Then we see the story from the perspective of a man who has thugs after him. These thugs believe some aliens are the...

  • Daniel S. Donnelly

    A big red space ship shaped like a giant fire breathing dragon, with a crew of seven people, two humans, one of whom is a blues guitarist, and the other dresses in full plate armour, just like the kni...

  • John F. Wells Jr.

    Every Galaxy needs some hero's.So I started this series thinking that this is just another space the final frontier series. Daniel I owe you an apology, there are so many side stories in this trilogy ...

  • Marion E. Brophy

    Misfits SevenI liked this series enough to rate it four stars. There is humour, slap stick, drama, love, a cast of misfit characters and more then enough bag guys to go around. What started as a disjo...

  • Dana Askay

    A very enjoyable readI enjoyed the humor, imagination and a well written book. The characters came alive and were very well rounded. I found myself crying at points along the way but mostly laughing a...

  • Cheshi

    What a great crew to travel the cosmos with!Laugh -and cry- with a crew of misfits as they scrape through assignments to rid planets of alien pests. Strangers become friends and then family, and you�...

  • Richard T. Kotomori

    HilariousThe adventures of a 7 member team consisting humans, aliens , a demon and an android solve problems of “alien infestations “ while saving the universe. It is humorous fantasy as they rout...

  • Joe Vella

    The Magic DragonA coming of age story that is light and fun to read. Plenty of bad guys and new science fiction ideas. The author does go over the top occasionally in describing the action for my tast...

  • Dasha