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Looking to pass your AS and A level maths? Look no further. AS & A Level Maths For Dummies offers detailed, simple steps for all of the main types of problems you'll face in your exams, offering explanations of how the topics link together, advice on how to remember the key facts and methods, and ways to structure revision. Even if your head is spinning and you don't know where to begin, this fun and friendly guide gives in-depth support on exactly what you need to know.

In the big data and digital age, maths skills have never been more important to career success. AS & A Level Maths For Dummies guides you through the skills needed to pass the exams taken at the end of the first and second year of the course. It begins with the knowledge needed to get a top grade at GCSE, followed by sections on Algebra (functions, graph-sketching, and logarithms), Geometry (coordinate geometry, trigonometry, and working with shapes) and Calculus (differentiation, integration, and differential equations).
Helps you build the confidence you need to pass your exams Serves as an excellent supplement to classroom learning Makes difficult maths concepts easy to understand Offers in-depth support in a fun and friendly style
If you're an AS & A level student looking to do your very best at exam time, AS & A Level Maths For Dummies makes it easier.
Title:AS and A Level Maths for Dummies | ePub | Kindle books
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